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October 13, 2013

Mengurus API dan NIK Bea Cukai. API Umum API Produsen Ijin Impor dan Nomor Identitas Kepabeanan dari Bea Cukai

Kami CV Sarana Andalan menerima Jasa pengurusan API Angka Pengenal Impor API Umum API Produsen untuk usaha anda. persyaratan untuk pengurusan API :
Akta pendirian dan pengesahannya
Akta perubahan terakhir dan pengesahannya
Surat Keterangan Domisili usaha
Kartu NPWP, SKT dan PKP
KTP dan NPWP Direksi dan Komisaris
Surat Referensi Bank
Laporan Keuangan, Struktur organisasi (bila tidak ada bisa saya bantu bikinkan)
Bukti kepemilikan tempat atau surat perjanjian sewa kontrak (minimal 2 tahun).
Pas foto penandatangan di dokumen API 2 lembar ukuran 3 x 4 berwarna dengan bacground merah.
komoditi / HS code barang yg akan di import

Selanjutnya mengurus ijin dari Bea Cukai yaitu NIK Nomor Identitas Kepabenan, yg dulu disebut SRP.

Mengurus API dan NIK Bea Cukai. API Umum API Produsen Ijin Impor dan Nomor Identitas Kepabeanan dari Bea Cukai
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.......HBO, a standard abbreviation for its full legal name Home Box Office, is an American premium cable television network, owned by Time Warner. As of December 2010, HBO's programming reaches 28.6 million subscribers in the United States, making it the largest U.S. premium cable network (in terms of subscribers).[1] In addition to its U.S. subscriber base, HBO also broadcasts in over 150 countries worldwide.[2] HBO's programming consists primarily of theatrically-released motion pictures, along with original series, made-for-cable movies and documentaries, and occasional boxing matches. As previously mentioned, HBO's first sports broadcast was of a New York Rangers / Vancouver Canucks game, transmitted to a CATV system in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania on November 8, 1972. HBO is known for its boxing match-ups including those shown on HBO World Championship Boxing. In 1975, the "Thrilla in Manila" boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier aired on HBO and was the first program on the pay-cable network to air via satellite. Also in 1975, HBO began airing coverage of Wimbledon and did so until 1999. Coverage has since moved to sister network TNT and later to NBC and ESPN2. In 1973, HBO aired a World Wide Wrestling Federation event from Madison Square Garden, headlined by George Steele facing Pedro Morales. The event recently showed up as part of the WWE 24/7 on-demand service. During the mid-1970s, HBO aired several NBA and ABA basketball games (notably, the last ABA Final in 1976, between the New York Nets and Denver Nuggets) as well as some NHL hockey games. HBO Sports also aired PBA bowling events during the 1970s. Dick Stockton was the play-by-play announcer and Skee Foremsky was the color commentator.[28] In 1977, HBO launched Inside the NFL, the channel's longest-running program, but cancelled it in February 2008, with rival pay TV network Showtime picking up the series starting in September 2008. HBO launched Boxing After Dark in 1996, showcasing some of boxing's newest talents. HBO currently operates HBO PPV (formerly TVKO) to broadcast boxing matches to pay-per-view subscribers. In 2001, HBO hired Bob Costas to host a 12-episode sports show called On the Record with Bob Costas. A revamped version of On the Record began in 2005, Costas Now, which ended its run in 2009. Both shows are very similar to another HBO sports show called Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel that currently runs on the network. The channel debuted another sports show Joe Buck Live, hosted by longtime baseball commentator Joe Buck in 2009. HBO and NFL Films have also jointly produced Hard Knocks, which follows a team in training camp and their preparations for the upcoming NFL season. The series, which first premiered in 2001, returned in August 2009 to document the Cincinnati Bengals.[29] HBO Sports has been headed by several well-known television executives over the years, including Steve Powell (later head of Programming at ESPN), Dave Meister (later head of The Tennis Channel), Seth Abraham (later head of Madison Square Garden Sports) and current President, Ross Greenburg.